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Starting a Tech Blog in 2021 seems like a not-so-smart thing to do. In a world of MKBHDs, Verges, Engadgets, Cnets, even FPT, why would someone start a tech blog in 2021? What can a new tech blog possibly offer that hasn’t been recycled 1000x over already?

This One’s different.
It’s not about specs (Yes, that recycled phrase)… It’s not about breaking news either, heck it isn’t even about reviews alone. So what could it possibly be if not all those top tech topics? It’s about humanity, more specifically, humanity in tech. Tech Squishy provides a different perspective that no other blog can provide.

Along with the knowledge I’ve gained over the past 6-12 years being a Tech enthusiast to being a tech business owner.

It’s Also…
Geek Fandom mixed with Outlook and introspect, yet so much more.. Questioning whether something is just hype or is it really worth it. How things may affect us in ways, daily or throughout our lifetime. Input about tech that probably no one really thinks about or blogs about.

While it may not seem like much, I guess you’ll just have to follow along to see! So let’s get started already, cus it’s going to be quite a ride…

What do you think?

Written by Amit Giant


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